Where would you go if you could travel to your desktop

How often does one dream about leaving work and taking the time to enrich the mind over the wallet? Travel photos are a moment in time and can never encapsulate the wonder of being present in a location. Generally, we curate virtual flipbooks and click saves, of someday. One day. Not today.

The advertisement’s camera placement is perched right on the shoulder and simulates a go-pro adventure for an office worker. There is a whimsy of leaving one’s autonomous role at work. To journey off to be part of the desktop photo displaying a distant beachfront. It plays as a fast-forward montage of the protagonist taking a cab, grabbing a flight ticket, boarding the ship, and finally experiencing the sunlit beach of their desktop dreams.
Towards the end of the video, the meaning of the paid for and promoted Facebook content becomes clear. This is a Carnival Cruise Line advertisement, to take their cruise for an adventure.
The main message of, “Where would you go if you could travel to your desktop” is the tagline call to action. Eliciting a range of snarky to genuine responses from viewers of where they would go.
The partnership of BuzzFeed and Carnival Cruise Lines involves a viral video landing each month to counter the negative publicity of recent years. Compacted into a single landing page at BuzzFeed are the social media campaigns involving Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


As I can no longer find the specific ad, below I have created a quick emulated video using my own occupation as a Realtor.

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